Discover YOUR SWING not “the swing”.

Sam’s background is full of experience with many great players and teachers including Al Geiberger, Dave Stockton, Mac O’Grady, Seve Ballesteros, Paul Runyan, Johnny Miller, Jackie Burke, Jim Flick, Jim McLean, Stan Utley and numerous other Top 100 Instructors. Sam has also worked with the top sports psychologists and golf fitness experts.

Sam has always had a knack for connecting with people and has since developed a serious filter for the mass confusion we face in today’s golf instruction. The swings of the best players all look different but they all create the same dynamics from the delivery zone thru impact and they all have excellent timing or the proper sequence of motion. Sam will help you find and understand your own swing so you can trust it and take it to the course. To shoot your best scores you will also need a good short game and some course management skills. Sam has the unique ability to give high quality coaching in all of these areas.

Sam has been successful helping players on the PGA Tour, the Champions Tour, the Tour, the European Tour, the LPGA Tour and the Mini Tours. He has coached Junior golfers who have earned college scholarships, amateurs who have won their club championships and many average golfers who now have lower handicaps and more fun! Sam enjoys helping women and beginners as well. If you have a desire for learning this great game and playing better, Sam will be happy to help with patience and enthusiasm!

Sam is the PGA Teaching Professional at Mira Vista CC in Fort Worth, Texas. Mira Vista is an excellent golf course with the best practice facility in the area.

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Sam Randolph PGA

Sam Randolph,
PGA Professional

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“I have played golf for over 60 years and had lessons from well known and lesser known teaching pros from California to Florida and none were able to pinpoint and correct a certain move in my swing that has been adversely affecting me for years. Sam noticed it and figured out what I need to do to change it within 10 minutes of us beginning our lesson. He made a change in my swing that I could feel, could repeat and most importantly a change that worked on the golf course and not just the driving range! I highly recommend Sam if you are serious about your game and really want to improve. He has a vast knowledge about the golf swing and is very easy and comfortable to work with.”
Steve Frank,
Santa Barbara, CA

“I have worked with Sam and watched him teach other members at the Plantation GC from 2013 – 2020. Sam is much more than a decorated player. As a Teacher he understands and explains how things work exceptionally well. He’s great at helping students feel what they need to do and showing them how to practice. There are many pretenders out there and unlimited tips on the internet, but Sam is the real deal.”
Denny Gray
Lead Instructor at Jim McClean Golf School (15 years),
La Quinta, CA

“In 2003, I was struggling until Sam gave me a putting lesson on Tuesday at Colonial in Fort Worth. He has a good eye and a way of communicating that really connected. I went on to win Colonial that week and two more tournaments to have my best season ever.”
Kenny Perry
14– PGA Tour Victories

“Sam understands how things work — (cause & effect)
He sees and explains things so it all makes simple sense.
We work on my technique, how to practice, my mental game and even my fitness regimen.
Working with Sam has really paid off! He’s a great coach and friend.”

Joe Daley
2-time winner Tour, 2012 Champions Tour TPC winner

“Sammy, you fixed a 50 year old swing flaw! You’re the best.”
Ed Brooks
2017 Texas Senior Amateur Champion

“Thank you for the lesson you gave me at the Plantation last month. You changed my grip to have my left thumb more solidly on the shaft. It took a little while to get comfortable, but it has been a game changer for me! I was 3 over the last 2 holes today but still shot 76! I was a 12 when you gave me the lesson and now I’m a 8. So just wanted to say thank you for helping me so much. See you back at The Plantation in November.”
Ron Wagner

“I have been working with Sam as my instructor now for the past 4 years and he has truly helped my game. I play tournaments on the Golf Channel Am Tour and since I started working on my game I have won 9 times in the Senior Palmer Division (4-8 Handicaps) over the past 2 years and this fall he encouraged me to move up to the Championship division (0-4 handicaps) and in my second start I won the Fall Classic at Tunica MS a Major Championship. Sam is a great friend and teacher and thank you for everything you have done to help improve my game and be a better person.”
Sean Fenton
Am Tour, Senior Championship Winner

“Sam Randolph is one of the best hires I ever made at The Plantation Golf Club. Sam is the ultimate team player.
Sam had been a guest at The Plantation several times before I approached him to ask if he had any desire to be a member of our staff as Teaching Professional. I had known Sam for many years both personally and by reputation prior to soliciting his services. His reputation as a player was well known on a local, national and international level. I had made many inquiries about his teaching abilities and knew that he was a highly respected teacher.
I am happy to say that Sam accepted my offer to spend his winters here at The Plantation. He approaches his job every day with great dedication. His understanding of the golf swing and ability to communicate in a positive way has been admired by our entire membership. Swing mechanics are important in Sam’s teaching but his students receive much more. He is very well versed in bio mechanics and encourages his students to become more fit so that they can improve athletically. He is constantly saving golfers from the negative attitude spiral syndrome. The end results is a following of happy students that translates into happy members that ultimately adds more to the bottom line of the Club.

He is a great promoter of our Club, our operation and staff. He is the consummate Golf Professional in all ways.”

Art Schilling
General Manager, The Plantation Golf Club